Publicity and Awards

We had the Proof of Concept drone on the 4 of Feb on the national Smart Industries Annual Event, amazing the amount of reactions: even in the speech of our Small and Medium Size Industries advocate Ineke Dezentjé Hamming, Drone4 Agro was mentioned as an example of innovations and cooperation. We also had a moment with a number of deputies of the provinces Overijssel and Gelderland. Again highly positive reactions.

Smart industry event

Voting for the nomination?

Interesting to know, if you WANT you can vote for us! Check the, next we have been nominated for the Made in Holland Award.

Spray technology

As already mentioned in the last news letter, we have now contacted the real innovators in proportional spraying. We have a good results and continue to reduce the weight of the system; a neat challenge!

Advanced purchase agreements (APA’s)

We have discussed the APA’s with prospective clients who are interested to take a chance. Buying now, they have benefits as first buyers and get all the attention and publicity. So if you are tempted by this idea, let us know. We can make you the offer you cannot refuse (joke). Just and example of an APA is the journey to space: people buy in to get their journey to space with 150.000 and know that in xx time they will actually be invited to travel. Here it would be similar! Soon the results will follow! If you are interested, let us know.

Developments in fire firefighting drone

We have now the cooperation with DPSA, a dutch company that produces innovative aerosol fire extinguishing systems ( It will lead to a new series of applications. Highly interesting and a breakthrough in fire fighting! We will start next week!

We have planned a meeting on Mega drones and firefighting with the Dutch Firefighting departments and some other emergency services. We also contacted the people of the Physical Safety Institute of the Netherlands. We will soon meet on the ideas we have for the drone for emergency.

Developments in emergency drone

We have now the cooperation with some parties to develop a drone for small cargo to be send to emergency zones, like isolated villages. It will lead to a new series of applications. We will have the coming month the first discussions with the prospective clients.


MediDrone 1

MediDrone 3


Cooperation with TUD

New impetus on the cooperation with TUD was given recently. We had good discussions. For that department of aeronautical engineering the interest is most in big civil aircraft design for Boeing and Airbus. However, there is common interest in a number of fields related to electric propulsion of scaled aircraft, programmed flight, eg.. It is a good start.

Cooperation with WUR

With the WUR we had some good discussions on the development of the drone as part of the agriculture4.0 We need to speed up the process especially in the vision and recognition knowledge and cooperation.

Cooperation with UTwente

As part of the cooperation with the University of Twente we provided them with motors ESC’s and props and a testing rig so that we can find out efficieny of the props/motor/ESC system, the sound profiles with different props and revolutions, coaxial counter rotating props efficiency, etc… With the university of Twente we also signed an LoI on cooperation on Mega drone development. This project will cover all key elements for a drone with robotic features.
Finally, we now have a student is to cooperate with us on a study of the financial feasibility of the drone.

Market study

The study Aerovision is almost completed. It has become a good piece of work. At the same time we have a finalization of the Fontys market study: again highly interesting, and there will be more. In the mean time our contact base with farmers is growing over the Netherlands and further in Germany and France.


MediDrone: Test Rig