About Winfried Rijssenbeek

Winfried Rijssenbeek is a renewable energy expert with a long track record in setting up projects in developing countries. In his free time he is dedicated to innovations related to human carriers.

AgroDrone, EASA, Range Extender…

Dear All, after a nice holiday period, it is back to work! Here at the OneManProject also activities have been somewhat reduced by the fact that many of the suppliers or experts were out. So now we think that  we can again gain speed! Herunder is what we did as a team, enjoy!


Preparation for completely […]

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News for the last few weeks

This news is covering the last 4 weeks!!

It is summer and time of holidays but we are still here pushing the design further!


Preparation for completely controlled flight

The preparations for completely controlled flight of the drone are being made. With one of the best providers of ground control software we are now moving ahead. Way […]

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Video of New Flight Test with 80kg of Payload

The latest tethered flight tests confirmed that 80kg of payload is no problem at all: Check the video bellow!

The craft has more than enough lifting capability and it is very responsive. We are refining control system, but we are glad that tests up till now show that we will have no problem with lack of power […]

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First Flight Test Passed – Check the Video!


Testing  Baby steps: controlled lifting

On 25/06/2015 we conducted the first controlled tests. We nailed the system to limited freedom with 4 ropes and started it. The settings of the control were a little too direct so we did need to soften them. It worked a little better every time. Finally we also reduced throttle […]

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Agricultural Innovation Fair


Presentation at the Innovation Tradefair in Dronten, the Netherlands

This week Barry and myself finished the preparing the craft for the Innovation in Precision Agriculture Trade Fair in Dronten, the Netherlands. We got a really good stand position to display the craft. We mounted only 8 motors as we plan to test the system with that […]

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News update 7. Jun

So great!

This week Barry and myself were working on the agri version of the drone just as a concept. We ordered a small spraying tank, and waited for it to come.. We got nervous when we did not get it on Friday. So we checked and indeed out of stock. Our local shop de Schuur […]

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Finalizing the Airframe

Finalizing the airframe

The airframe has been finished and all bolts and nuts have been sealed. Extra tension wires have been attached to provide more rigidity to the structure.  All motor ESC units have been tested and now the Lipo batteries charging with a balancing charger from MGM is being done. After this we can start […]

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News Update 4-15 May

NEWS Update 4 to 15 of May


Looking for a Financial Specialist

For this effort to move into a serious professional product (as manned and as RPAS) we looking for a financial specialist who has affinity with this topic of small aviation and RPAS.  This person is take some of the work on the elaboration of the […]

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Frame Construction and New Contacts

The frame is now glued together! It needs some refinement and correction and after this we can add tension wires, and go into adding the motors, etc…
Will start next weeks with this!



NLR cooperation
Interesting discussion took place with staff of the NLR the National Aerosace Laboratorium of the Netherlands. Cooperation of airframe design in […]

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The Aero Friedrichshaven

The Aero was highly interesting. It is a show where the small aviation sector can really get excited. Interesting is the large offer from the Czech republic in small 2 to  4 seaters, autogyro’s and more.

The small aviation sector will become electric or hybrid. There were interesting stand of e-motor suppliers. On the larger scale […]

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