About Winfried Rijssenbeek

Winfried Rijssenbeek is a renewable energy expert with a long track record in setting up projects in developing countries. In his free time he is dedicated to innovations related to human carriers.


Waiting for the last stuff
Unfortunately the components only come slow manner, and this forces us to wait with ex.  the making of the electric system… Patience is needed…  And wishing you a good Easter!

Fuselage Building
Although we planned to first get the connectors and beams finished, it was decided that due to technical planning, we […]

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Bad Things Happen Sometimes

Yes a bad wording, but..
We had some money transfers with a famous internet banking and transfer system gone wrong. I would say that at least we have a glance of how the actors in the game are working… And the short cut is system seen to work automatic and there is nothing these people can […]

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Awaiting Arrival of Parts

New Website

Soon we are moving to the new website!  We will announce it in a due time, so you can move to that one, and continue there!

Market study
Different economic sectors and applications have been discussed with experts, and are currently doing desk study to identify the potential for each of the economic sectors. Finally, we will […]

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Planning and Details

We are progressing as planned so far. It is an amazing enthusiasm in the team that propels us forward! It is a true honor to work like this. Soon, more professional website will be ready, and this will surely come as a surprise, even to the biggest critics among viewers!

Highly interesting visit at junkers-profly.de
The Company produces rescue […]

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Finish Design Start Building

Final shape frame 

Now the design of frame and fuselage is ready! We are ordering all components. Batteries are placed in the motor spars on both sides.

The Astonishing Fuselage
The fuselage sections are now being prepared by Predrag. Next week they will be finished, and the work can begin. The fuselage is not a priority for the […]

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Welcome to Comment and Give Feedback

Welcome to comment and give feed back

Quite a number of people receiving the news alert, enjoy reading about the progress. If you want to give feed back, you are welcome. Tell us what you like, dislike.

Team spirit

While doing this project all team members feed to new ideas of exchange and this is full fun […]

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Welcome to a New Team Member!

WonderfulOn 17ste of February I became grandfather. My daughter Anne-Marie gave birth to Naud, an amazing wonder of love. So you will understand there will be some baby noises and talk in our skype or tel. conversations, when we have grand parent’s day!

Welcome to a new team member

Let me introduce our new team member: Kelly […]

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Working on Details of The structure

Welcome to new student
We welcome Chaofang, student aeronautical engineering, to the Humming Man Project. He will do his internship on a number of aspects of this project,  but the aerodynamic structure will be the focus of his work.

Working out the details of the external structure
Since we now have all material properties of the carbon […]

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Shape and Configuration Tests

Configurations testing and results
This week we did the coaxial contra-rotating props, and single prop and belt drive tests. The results are as anticipated. The analysis is still on-going, but it is quite something. We can show the first results here.

It shows that 1) the belt drive system is the best performing in terms of […]

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The First Real Results

Above: Producing 41.5 kg of trust, with 7.6 kW. First results are in line with expectations/simulations. Prop 48/12, special design.

Thanks to all contributions
As a team we receive also highly valuable input of many people, who are experts in fields that we also need. For example from Reidar, Antony, Job, Alex, Kelly, Forrest and many others. We highly […]

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