Agridrone news


Huge support from the EU

We are very happy to announce we have finally won a financial support for our project to develop a commercial agro drone with a payload of 100 kg that can spray 5 ha at a time and land on a docking station.  You can see

It is a huge support for our efforts and we highly appreciate this support to push the limits even further.

Motor prop tests

We have done some tests with our partners on the motor and prop. Yes, indeed we were amazed. As we always are conservative in our assumptions, this time we were surprised by the performance: per motor we can do 75 kg, and we can achieve high efficiency!

UT twente cooperation

Next, we are very happy with the support of the University of Twente. We have good work done on smart propellers, on docking station technology and strategic market studies (Strategic Niche Management)


Cooperation with Saxion University of Applied Science

Saxion is interested in drone tech for their students and so wants to cooperate with us in this topic so that their students can learn and practice their skills. With our partner Boessenkool we see an very interesting future in robotics, that can take many spin-offs in the region of Twente.


Cooperation with German Hoch Schule Rhein Waal

We have made good contacts with the department of Robotics there and have agreed working together in a sensor project with other businesses in Germany.


Fontys University of Applied Sciences

A highly interesting Market study was conducted by an international group of  smart students. The conclusion is the product is ranked a 8.5 in a number of markets and that the marketing is to be using limited intermediators as the users tend to be more proactive in direct service. We highly appreciate the work done!


HAN University of Applied Sciences

With HAN we have cooperation in students that can practise business planning and marketing. The quality is good and we like the results! Currently a student is working on a strategic advice with respect to mega drones.



Flight systems

In order to test different drone configurations and ways of flying, we started with making model to test this. We tested the system of a 1 to 5 scale and could nicely tune it. It works perfectly and even an non experienced person can fly it! It has special features that allow it to be effective in crop spraying.

1:5 scale system

Making the drone

Since most materials have arrived we have started building. The components are now being made to measure and it is really great fun! The staff of Boessenkool is actively involved and it is plain fun to work hard on this. With the team we are also excited in getting to realization. We can expand the team in future with some more drone fanatics who have experience with ROS and drone programming…  Let us know if you feel qualified and want to join?


Simulations with spray systems

Over the last month we did some tests with different spray technologies. We can conclude that we now have quite some experience with the scaled tests and drip size and means to achieve these. Also interesting is the better understanding of the patterns of air flow around the drone, all this allows us to position the spray nozzles on the good locations.  We now feel comfortable to have these tests be added to a scientific validation with the Trial Farm of the Agricultural University. Interesting is that we can make extremely light systems even proportional.

Sprinkle system



Firefighting drone news

Here the good news is that we have submitted a proposal for a project development with the EU. We can justify this as firefighting with a drone that can actually kill the fire with DSPA, is really a unique opportunity. With that catalytic fire extinguishing agent the drone can be much more effective. We are working together with a number of people at Twente Safety Campus, fire fighting squad Enschede, with fire fighting consultancy agents, and the Government. If you are interested in this sort of application that could handle 100 kg, let us know?


Emergency drone news

With one of the most renowned parties in the aviation sector testing in Europe we will start an emergency drone development. This one will be able to carry emergency supplies to isolated villages and places that have been cut off from the rest due to natural disasters. It will have a long flight time and carry a 50 to 100 kg of payload. If need we could expand to 300 kg. If you are interested in supporting this sort of application, let us know.