2405, 2017

Custom built One-Man-Drones: 6 to 9 months from order to delivery


For the custom built drone we would like to have your requirements and see if those can be met. If so, we make a contract and make it work.  We can deliver strength calculations and […]

207, 2016

Long time since last news, we were too busy: too many events

Agridrone news

Huge support from the EU

We are very happy to announce we have finally won a financial support for our project to develop a commercial agro drone with a payload of 100 kg that […]

2203, 2016

We were awarded for our inovation

Agridrone news

Winner of the ESEF award and  Made in Holland Award

Many of you have voted for us!  And the Indeed we have won the ESEF Award!!!  We want to thank all who supported us! We […]

802, 2016

Medical drone and other news

Publicity and Awards

We had the Proof of Concept drone on the 4 of Feb on the national Smart Industries Annual Event, amazing the amount of reactions: even in the speech of our Small and Medium […]

2101, 2016

We are nominated for 2 awards

Publicity and Awards

Good news! We have been nominated for 2 Awards: one the ESEF http://www.esef.nl/nl-NL/Bezoeker.aspx,  next we have been nominated for the Made in Holland Award. http://www.esef.nl/nl-NL/Bezoeker/Awards/Made-in-holland-award.aspx.


We had ample publicity in two national papers TROUW and Algemeen […]

2512, 2015

News for the last few weeks


Dear All, it has been a highly rewarding year for the One Man Drone Project: We had our design finished, built and tested. Our Proof of concept only with 8 of the 12 motors lifted […]

2211, 2015

Further progress

This news is covering the last weeks!!



Drone tests

The drone was tested these weeks only few times as our pilot for personal reasons had limited time.  Also there was the issue of bad weather, not for […]

411, 2015

Flight testing, promo video and more

News this news is covering the last weeks!!



We really have to thank Jeroen Woudenberg, of the Woudgraaf video productions company, who produced a nice video for the Drone for Good Award.  It has become a […]

710, 2015

New Flight Tests

News this news is covering the last weeks!!


Nominated for the Innovation Award of Province of Gelderland

We as a team were nominated for the innovation price. It was a great event and we had the opportunity […]

2109, 2015

New team member, preparing flight tests…

News this news is covering the last weeks!!

Welcome of the new drone pilot

Dear all the new drone pilot we have is Greg Stec, in his family there is a famous painter. Greg is from Poland […]

1808, 2015

AgroDrone, EASA, Range Extender…

Dear All, after a nice holiday period, it is back to work! Here at the OneManProject also activities have been somewhat reduced by the fact that many of the suppliers or experts were out. So […]

308, 2015

News for the last few weeks

This news is covering the last 4 weeks!!

It is summer and time of holidays but we are still here pushing the design further!


Preparation for completely controlled flight

The preparations for completely controlled flight of the […]

2706, 2015

Video of New Flight Test with 80kg of Payload

The latest tethered flight tests confirmed that 80kg of payload is no problem at all: Check the video bellow!

The craft has more than enough lifting capability and it is very responsive. We are refining control system, […]

2506, 2015

First Flight Test Passed – Check the Video!


Testing  Baby steps: controlled lifting

On 25/06/2015 we conducted the first controlled tests. We nailed the system to limited freedom with 4 ropes and started it. The settings of the control were a little too […]

1406, 2015

Agricultural Innovation Fair


Presentation at the Innovation Tradefair in Dronten, the Netherlands

This week Barry and myself finished the preparing the craft for the Innovation in Precision Agriculture Trade Fair in Dronten, the Netherlands. We got a really good […]

706, 2015

News update 7. Jun

So great!

This week Barry and myself were working on the agri version of the drone just as a concept. We ordered a small spraying tank, and waited for it to come.. We got nervous when […]

2505, 2015

Finalizing the Airframe

Finalizing the airframe

The airframe has been finished and all bolts and nuts have been sealed. Extra tension wires have been attached to provide more rigidity to the structure.  All motor ESC units have been tested […]

1805, 2015

News Update 4-15 May

NEWS Update 4 to 15 of May


Looking for a Financial Specialist

For this effort to move into a serious professional product (as manned and as RPAS) we looking for a financial specialist who has affinity with […]

405, 2015

Frame Construction and New Contacts

The frame is now glued together! It needs some refinement and correction and after this we can add tension wires, and go into adding the motors, etc…
Will start next weeks with this!



NLR cooperation
Interesting […]

1804, 2015

The Aero Friedrichshaven

The Aero was highly interesting. It is a show where the small aviation sector can really get excited. Interesting is the large offer from the Czech republic in small 2 to  4 seaters, autogyro’s and […]

404, 2015


Waiting for the last stuff
Unfortunately the components only come slow manner, and this forces us to wait with ex.  the making of the electric system… Patience is needed…  And wishing you a good Easter!

Fuselage Building […]

2803, 2015

Bad Things Happen Sometimes

Yes a bad wording, but..
We had some money transfers with a famous internet banking and transfer system gone wrong. I would say that at least we have a glance of how the actors in the […]

2103, 2015

Awaiting Arrival of Parts

New Website

Soon we are moving to the new website!  We will announce it in a due time, so you can move to that one, and continue there!

Market study
Different economic sectors and applications have been discussed with […]

1403, 2015

Planning and Details

We are progressing as planned so far. It is an amazing enthusiasm in the team that propels us forward! It is a true honor to work like this. Soon, more professional website will be ready, and […]

703, 2015

Finish Design Start Building

Final shape frame 

Now the design of frame and fuselage is ready! We are ordering all components. Batteries are placed in the motor spars on both sides.

The Astonishing Fuselage
The fuselage sections are now being prepared […]

2802, 2015

Welcome to Comment and Give Feedback

Welcome to comment and give feed back

Quite a number of people receiving the news alert, enjoy reading about the progress. If you want to give feed back, you are welcome. Tell us what you like, […]

2102, 2015

Welcome to a New Team Member!

WonderfulOn 17ste of February I became grandfather. My daughter Anne-Marie gave birth to Naud, an amazing wonder of love. So you will understand there will be some baby noises and talk in our skype or […]

1402, 2015

Working on Details of The structure

Welcome to new student
We welcome Chaofang, student aeronautical engineering, to the Humming Man Project. He will do his internship on a number of aspects of this project,  but the aerodynamic structure will be the focus […]

702, 2015

Shape and Configuration Tests

Configurations testing and results
This week we did the coaxial contra-rotating props, and single prop and belt drive tests. The results are as anticipated. The analysis is still on-going, but it is quite something. We […]

3101, 2015

The First Real Results

Above: Producing 41.5 kg of trust, with 7.6 kW. First results are in line with expectations/simulations. Prop 48/12, special design.

Thanks to all contributions
As a team we receive also highly valuable input of many people, who are […]

2401, 2015

First Tests Confirm Calculations!

Above: The belt drive system with 1.22 m prop and Rotomax, just before starting.

Configurations and motor testing

With Kees we started Friday morning in setting up the tests. It went smoothly. We added some more precaution measures […]

1701, 2015

Testing Soon!

Above: Barry preparing for the strength test of the carbon fiber tube , glue and connector. A 1000 kg load!

Students and internships
Since we have entered the construction and testing phase, there is a interesting opportunity […]

1001, 2015

3D Sketches

We had an interesting meeting at  Wageningen University (I graduated there in 81).   One of the members of their Drone and Agriculture team, also demonstrated great practical knowledge on the drone legislation and […]

301, 2015

First Update in New Year

Starting up again
Progress has been slow these days as all other partner companies of the project are closed during this period.
Time to wake up again from the reflection and coziness and start up again with […]