Publicity and Awards

Good news! We have been nominated for 2 Awards: one the ESEF,  next we have been nominated for the Made in Holland Award.



We had ample publicity in two national papers TROUW and Algemeen Dagblad (AD). all in one day!!!

AgriDrone in TROUW and Algemeen Dagblad


OEM group of companies

OEM group is working on innovations in a number of areas

  • Electric mobility: Mega drone,  for numerous applications
  • Agro precision farming, Multitool trac
  • Waste recycling, de recycling machine
  • Energy storage, fly wheel
  • Robitica and smart industry
  • Renewable energy systems

by exchanging knowledge and expertise between its companies. Drone4Agro will be part of this group and enjoy the potential of exchange in production technology.

Spray technology

We had a really interesting discussion with a certification institute for agri spray systems. We got into it in depth: the how to qualify with a system. It confirmed that id you really want to make an innovation work, you have to go into depth in the both fields that make the system applicable for the customers needs. Just  mounting a spray system on a drone does not work: you will have to fulfill to all the norms in that area!

Advanced purchase agreements (APA’s)

We are working on APA’s with prospective clients who are interested to take a chance. Buying now, they have benefits as first buyers and get all the attention and publicity. So if you are tempted by this idea, let us know. We can make you the offer you cannot refuse (joke).  Just and example of a APA is the journey to space: people buy in to get their journey to space with 150.000 and know that in xx time they will actually be invited to travel. Here it would be similar!

Developments in fire firefighting drone

We have gone further with the fire department of Twente to see their interest in testing the drone at the Twente Safety Campus. (you have to understand that Twente is a region in the east of the Netherlands where quite some important industries came up at the industrial revolution.

We also contacted the people of the Physical Safety Institute of the Netherlands. We will soon meet on the ideas we have for the drone for emergency.

Excellent discussions with DPSA, a dutch company that produces innovative aerosol fire extinguishing systems ( will get a follow-up next week.  These devises are 1000 times more powerful as water for killing the fire: Normally, they are used in enclosed environments, but also in the outside environment, have a look. What we can imagine is to use our drone to position such device accurately in the heat source. So we have agreed to start up a project cooperation. Will start in 2016…

Cooperation with WUR

With the WUR we plan to make a R&D STW project in which key elements are sensing, vision, image interpretation, and action as part of the system. We signed a LoI with them for joint cooperation on the topic of large drones (payload 50 to 100 kg). We need to speed up the process especially in the vision and recognition knowledge and cooperation.

Cooperation with UTwente

As part of the cooperation with the University of Twente we provided them with motors ESC’s and props and a testing rig so that we can find out efficieny of the props/motor/ESC system, the sound profiles with different props and revolutions, coaxial counter rotating props efficiency, etc… With the university of Twente we also signed an LoI on cooperation on Mega drone development. This project will cover all key elements for a drone with robotic features.

Finally, we just heard that a student is to cooperate with us on a study of the financial feasibility of the drone.

Market study  

The study Aerovision has been conductingy for the agricultural applications for our drone, is almost completed.  The bottom line is that there is a huge market expected for drones larger than the current camera drones. This market will be in currently in the more liberal legislation countries that embrace the drones for industrial use, like USA, CA, NZ, AU, BR, SA, IN, CN.

It also is clear that for flat land the drone is competitive as compared to spray tractors when it comes to crop care. This is even more pronounced for the use in hilly areas. Clearly high yielding cash crops are most interesting as a market, such as seed potatoes, flowers , etc..

AgriDrone testing

Reidar’s news

Our great advisor Reidar did take some time at the end of the year, to rewind the Rotomax 150 cc of Turnigy. This was done to see the effects of a slower and more powerful motor, so to reduce noise. Besides he could also improve the quality of the winding: On the left the result is given. Excellent and the system does what he planned it to do. So if you are interested in this technology, you can give us a call!

Rotomax 150


Sodium (Natrium) based 2000 cycle batteries

A French research institute recently announced the development of recyclable Sodium batteries. The cells currently have modest performance of 90 Wh/kg currently and 2000 cycles.

In order to really compete for a spot inside the consumer lithium-ion battery market, the new batteries will need to get faster and stronger. Just this November, Huawei unveiled its latest, fastest lithium-ion charging technology—boosting a phone up roughly 50 percent in just five minutes. If the French can get their model to compete, then they just may be worth their salt in the battery market. (source: also for picture courtesy).

Sodium batterie