The One Man Drone Project

OneManDrone is a dedicated platform with a team of international experts to develop a drone for use in the ultra-light recreational aviation sector. This sector is called experimental aircraft in the USA (Amateur-built, Kit-built, or Light-sport Aircraft). This is the first step.

The second step is to prepare for the personal 3D transport that is foreseen to become available in the mid-term future. The UBER 3D transport paper shows how this will materialize in the USA and we think it will be a global trend. So the aim is to work on a 3D commuter multicopter that can carry a person and travel for a distance of ca 200 to 300 km. We have already achieved a number of subgoals to this aim:

• A proof of concept that flew with a payload of 85 kg. This was to demo the idea being possible, in summer of 2015.
• We build a larger craft to carry 100 kg for the rescue sector, it can carry injured persons. It flies for 15 min per charge. We did test it with a suboptimal battery pack and 25 min could be done on batteries only.
• The next part is in the range extender we are currently testing. This should allow for a 1.5 hrs flight.

For the science part, we work together with universities in Netherlands and Germany and have contacts on scientific level in China and USA.

For the production part, we work together with some strong (international) partners in brushless motors, rotors, CF beams, batteries, and controller technology.

Finally, we are engaged in projects that move the 3D commuting for cities.

The drone we have tested is the backbone for the onemandrone depicted here below

Based on the extensive expertise developed in our team on mega drones, we can design customized commuting drones. We invite you to come and discuss with you the type of commuting drone you would like to see.


Mankind in its boldest dreams always had the wish to fly, like a bird. Icarus did not succeed with the technology of those days. It is the extreme sensation to move in 3 dimensions and hang in the air, that hangliders/paraglider, sailplane, autogyro and chopper pilots make so excited about.