With the megadrone with 8 coax rotors we achieved a flight time of 15 min with a payload of 100 kg, testing and tuning the system in a huge hall for horse riding. We could fine tune the system with and without payload and all was at the end OK. So what we can now offer is the complete custom built drone for you. It can carry 100 kg of payload and can fly with the range extender more than one hour. With all the analyses made we are now confident that we can extend the range of the drone to 25 min in forward flight. We will design for that purpose a special Li-ion battery.

The ManDrone is a logical compromise between flying, exploring and excitement. It represents a perfect hybrid between ultra-light aircraft, and flying drones. The ManDrone is a multicopter vehicle with vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) ability that enables you to move through the air in a “bird like” sensation. The main advantage over the helicopter is the fact that ManDrone is a much smaller vehicle with length and width of 3 by 2,5 meters, also easier and less expensive for maintenance. It doesn’t require any kind of runway, or an aircraft hangar like today’s modern general aviation airplanes.

We designed ManDrone prototype to be flexible. With 8 motors arranged in 4 coaxial groups the drone can keep level flight with even 2 motor out of function. Our fly-by-wire system provides automatic control adjustment in order to maintain controllable and stable flight. In the case of more serious failure built in rocket parachute can be deployed providing safe landing.

Maximum available lift capability of ManDrone is approximately ca 300 kg in order to have sufficient thrust for climb and maneuvering.

With sufficient financial backup we hope to develop ManDrone prototype further and widen both flight envelope and fields of applications.


Mankind in its boldest dreams always had the wish to fly, like a bird. Icarus did not succeed with the technology of those days. It is the extreme sensation to move in 3 dimensions and hang in the air, that hangliders/paraglider, sailplane, autogyro and chopper pilots are so excited about.